1. Tommy chong signed tank. :)

  2. Heady bubbler mouth piece at Mary janes house of glass in Vancouver, wa.

    NORTHWEST representing like we invented the modern day glass pipe or something..

  3. Mothership glass always kills it on these tubes.

  5. Oblivious 14inch fixed stem. Stacks on stacks! :)

  6. Clinton Roman 2013

  8. Sea floor microscope my two favorites just collided

  9. Speechless.

  10. 4/20 blunts with friends. :)

  11. Happy 4/20 followers :)

  12. Rainbow lip wraps for days.

  13. Angry birds 14mm gog on a custom wood stand.

  14. Heady attach marble on an Evan Johnson oil bubbler.

  15. For sale: Hamm recycler 07 signed and dated. Never used. Ask box me for pricing info and pictures. :)