1. Banjo dry headie


  2. Erik Anders X Salt Glass


  3. Artist: Evan Johnson, 2014

  4. Ryan Fitt’s “Bowser tube” … damn.

  5. J-red glass killing it with some steel spectrum and crazy clean color work.

  6. My newest pick up from the shop! Super headie dry pipe with full dichro, honeycomb mouthpiece and push.

  7. I just went to New Vansterdam in Vancouver, WA which is a legal recreational marijuana store and picked up a joint of blue diesel for $15.00. Hate the prices but love the atmosphere and the packaging.

  8. That horn is on point.

  9. My favorite Slyme rig in the shop right now.

    “incycler” by Taylor Simms
  10. DAMN! ROOR is on some next level.

  11. "NSA phone"

  12. Adam Reetz & Kid glass

  13. I found this to be fitting for my 666 post on FireTypeTv

    (Source: acid-moose)

  14. Smoking a joint on the Heaphy Track at the Gouland Downs hut in New Zealand. 20 miles in 30 to go. Such an amazing time and the joint at sunset from up there was straight magic.

  15. My first legal recreational marijuana purchase in Washington on 07/09/14