1. smotpoke:

    Joe Peters x Micro

    High End Glass Blog

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  2. My favorite Slyme rig in the shop right now.

    “incycler” by Taylor Simms
  3. dejanentendu:

    Rebelz glass

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  4. 710underground:

    "Flower of life " activation station !! @wjcglass x @joepetersglass ! 🌈🌈🌈🌈 photo by @glassotaku by @joepetersglass

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  5. glassotaku:

    "DNA Activation" by @joepetersglass x @wjcglass 2014 #nfs #photobyotaku #glassofig #dna #floweroflife #rainbow #bestofig #710 #girlswhodab

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  6. reddlr-trees:

    Two Of the Greatest men Alive

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  7. DAMN! ROOR is on some next level.

  8. "NSA phone"

  9. Adam Reetz & Kid glass

  10. glassotaku:

    Filla-pump on the @eusheen x @hoobsglass collaboration 2014 #fillacello #kilningit #everdream #eushoe #glassofig #photobyotaku

  11. sam-dabs:

    73u Kona Kush Solventless Full melt. Made in Hawaii.Β 

    Ice water only.Β 

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  12. keepitglassy:

    He’s rockin the buck today

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    Joe Peters x Hitman Glass



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  15. I found this to be fitting for my 666 post on FireTypeTv

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