1. dejanentendu:

    Rebelz glass

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    "Flower of life " activation station !! @wjcglass x @joepetersglass ! 🌈🌈🌈🌈 photo by @glassotaku by @joepetersglass

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  3. glassotaku:

    "DNA Activation" by @joepetersglass x @wjcglass 2014 #nfs #photobyotaku #glassofig #dna #floweroflife #rainbow #bestofig #710 #girlswhodab

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  4. reddlr-trees:

    Two Of the Greatest men Alive

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  5. DAMN! ROOR is on some next level.

  6. "NSA phone"

  7. Adam Reetz & Kid glass

  8. glassotaku:

    Filla-pump on the @eusheen x @hoobsglass collaboration 2014 #fillacello #kilningit #everdream #eushoe #glassofig #photobyotaku

  9. sam-dabs:

    73u Kona Kush Solventless Full melt. Made in Hawaii.Β 

    Ice water only.Β 

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  10. keepitglassy:

    He’s rockin the buck today

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  12. headysesh:

    Joe Peters x Hitman Glass



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  13. I found this to be fitting for my 666 post on FireTypeTv

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  14. Smoking a joint on the Heaphy Track at the Gouland Downs hut in New Zealand. 20 miles in 30 to go. Such an amazing time and the joint at sunset from up there was straight magic.

  15. Liberty 503 oil rig out of Portland, OR. Check out there Facebook page for more sandblasted awesome.